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Video Poker is the machine of choice for many players. Its control is simple, the gains can be substantial and the game is thrilling. Unlike the famous slot machines, Video Poker is not just a game of chance. Of course, part of it takes luck, but the player can influence the game considerably as soon as he has mastered the few rules of the game.

You can vary the amount of your wagering bet, increasing or decreasing it, and placing your wagering several times, up to 5 times, at the start of each game. This means that in Video Poker at € 1 per chip, you can bet up to a maximum of 5 chips for a game, ie € 5 Euro. In the event of default, your stake is reduced to a minimum, ie one token. By pressing the “Bet Max” button, you will make the maximum number of times your bet in one game.

Press “Card” to receive your cards (the number of cards you will receive may vary depending on your choice of Video Poker). You will then have the choice to keep the cards which seem most appropriate to you and to change those which do not suit you (the object of the game being to have the best possible hand). After having made your choice, press the “card” button again to receive your new cards.

You will then cash out your winnings defined according to the value of your hand. In some Video Poker, if you win the game, you have the choice of doubling. If you choose to double your winnings, then one card is revealed to you on the screen and four more are turned over. You have to choose one of the four face up cards to see if you have won. If the value of the card you have chosen is higher than the one shown to you, you will double your winnings. If the value of the card you have chosen is less than the one shown to you, you lose your winnings entirely.

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